Pierre Renoir is one of the rare artists whose place can not be filled easily in the history of arts. The style of Renoir who created a new current with the colours and lines he used in his studies has also become a source of inspiration for many artists who carried out studies in the same field.

Besides, Renoir is an innovative artist who made significant contributions in the literature of arts with his revolutionising technique on the use of light and shading in his works.

We are trying to make a difference for our valuable customers who prefer us in a refined approach by trying to make our watches produced for more than 30 years on the path we set off with an inspiration from artefacts of an unrivalled genius, a mirror of privileged liking beyond considering it as solely a functional means.


We are of how much a watch could tell about yourself and we would like you to know that attainment of it is a key factor lying on the basis of our purpose of establishment.

Furthermore we are trying to behave very scrupulous regarding production quality and customer satisfaction. All mechanical parts we are using in our watches are examples of an incomparable quality formed within years with unrivalled accumulation of information and experience of Swiss industry of horlogerie.

We would like you to know that we select external part materials as well as mechanical parts we are using, in the same sensitivity and care.

All our models to watches ornamented with swarowski gems with sapphire and mineral glass, tungsten, stainless steel, we submit depending on our product models, are durable against mechanical failures, colour fading and water permeation problems and under our guarantee for 2 years from the date you purchase.

We are at the point where quality converges with elegance.